How It Works

Wattopia connects you with green energy projects in 4 simple steps

Browse through the various projects seeking your support.

The projects separated in 4 categories, Commercial-, Impact-,Refinance-, and Pledge Projects. Each category has their characteristics, see here to view all projects seeking your valuable support and investment. 

Register and you are ready to fund a project.

Investing with Wattopia is easy. Simply sign-in to your Wattopia account anytime to manage and track your investment. Earnings can be easily reinvested as our minimum investment is €25, with increments of €1.

Select Project and amount you want fund.

Once your have purchased the debenture, the amount will be authorised by Paypal, which simply means that the amount is not charged, but 'earmarked' for a period of 29 days. When the project reaches its intended target within these 29 days, Wattopia will send you a re-authorization request to settle the amount you committed to.

Project generates revenues and you will be paid back with interest.

Once the funding target is reached, and the project is operative, you will be paid back with return. In case the intended amount to be raised is not achieved, the Issuer is not obliged to issue Debentures or "close" the Debenture. Authorized funds used towards the purchase of the Debenture will be voided and the amount will be made available for use again. 


Wattopia charges its members a 1% fee on the outstanding investments, which will be charged yearly, from the date of the debentures purchase.


Join us today and make more Green Energy projects see the day of light


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